• Chemical Scales / Level Sensors

  • Instrumentation / Control Products

  • Chlorine Handling Equipment

Chlorine Ton Container Scale CHLOR-SCALE® Chlorine/Sulfur Dioxide Ton Container Scales 
• Durable heavy duty steel design
• Trusted at water plants around the world since 1967
  Chlorine Cylinder Scale CHLOR-SCALE® 150 Cylinder Scales 
• For 150 lb/100kg type chlorine, SO2 and ammonia cylinders
• Solid PVC platform will never corrode
Chlorine Day Tank Scale CHEM-SCALE™ Chemical Day Tank Scales 
• Sizes for tanks from 60 gallons up to more than 500 gallons
• Integral tank restraint clips
  IBC Tote Bin Scale IBC TOTE SCALE™ for Intermediate Bulk Containers
• Backstop on platform allows quick, safe placement of container
• Optional spill containment
Drum Scale DRUMM-SCALE™ for 55 Gallon Drums 
• Tuf-Coat® Steel and 316 Stainless Models
• Low overall height for easy loading
  Spill Safe Drum Scale SPILL SAFE™ Drum Scale
• Integral 66 gallon secondary spill containment
• Roll out bladder allows low overall height
Carboy Scale CARBOY-SCALE™ for Chemical Carboys up to 55 Gallons 
• Solid PVC platform for total corrosion resistance
• Economical, non-intrusive monitoring solution
  Echo-Scale Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Tank Level ECHO-SCALE™ Ultrasonic Level Sensors 
• Measure level in tanks up to 30 ft tall
• PVC design for maximum chemical resistance
Pro Cell Bulk Tank Weighing Modules ProCell® Bulk Tank Weighing Modules 
• For chlorine and ammonia horizontal bulk tanks
• Fits any saddle, leg, or gusset mounted tank
  Volumetric Feeder Scale VOLUMETRIC FEEDER SCALE™ for Dry Feeders 
• Pre-drilled and tapped anchor points for your specific feeder
• For carbon

Solo G2 Digital Weight Indicator with Bargraph SOLO G2® Digital Indicator 
• Single or dual channel
• Weight, Volume or Distance
  Hypo Trak Sodium Hypochlorite Strength Analyzer HYPO TRAK™ Sodium Hypochlorite Monitor 
• Tracks hypo degradation
• Warns of vapor locked metering pump
Wizard 4000 Advanced Digital Weight Indicator WIZARD 4000® Advanced Digital Indicator 
• Monitors up to four scales or sensors
DAYS TIL EMPTY and more!
  Century Weight Indicator for Hydraulic Dial Type Scale CENTURY DIAL® Hydraulic Dial 
• No power of any kind required
• Explosion, lightning and surge proof!
Solo XT Digital Weight Indicator for Hydraulic Scales SOLO XT® Digital Indicator for Hydraulic Scales 
• Uses hydraulic load cell for maximum durability
• Battery or Loop Powered
Merlin Chemical Dilution System MERLIN® Chemical Dilution Systems 
• For sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (caustic) and other chemicals
• Automatic, on demand dilution to exact strength required

Drip Tray for Ton Container Condensation DRIP TRAY for Ton Container Condensation 
• Channels moisture away from scales
• Eliminates corrosion caused by "sweating" cylinders
  Chlorine Container Storage Trunnions STORAGE TRUNNIONS for Ton Containers 
• Welded steel design
• UHMW polyethylene or steel bronze bushed bearing wheels
Empty, Full, In Use Placards for Chlorine Tanks TANK MAGNETS 
• Place on cylinders and ton containers to indicate FULL, EMPTY or IN USE
  Chlorine Container Turning Bar TON CONTAINER TURNING WRENCH 
• Welded steel design allows easy rotation of tank for valve positioning
Digital Weight Indicator Conversion Kits CONVERSION KITS 
• Convert existing hydraulic scales to digital
• Add 4-20mA outputs for remote monitoring
  Chlorine Ton Container Lifting Bar LIFTING BAR for Ton Containers 
• Designed specifically for standard chlorine and SO2 ton containers